Member and Customer Grievance Policy

    ABA's executive limitations policy includes a grievance policy for those members and customers who believe they have not been accorded a reasonable interpretation of their rights.

    Member and Customer Grievance Policy

    Any member, regardless of membership category, or customer of ABA, or those applying to be members or customers of ABA, who believe conditions exist or procedures have been employed or decisions have been made that are unsafe, undignified, unnecessarily intrusive or that have failed to provide appropriate confidentiality or privacy may petition the ABA Board of Directors requesting that such conditions, procedures or decisions be corrected or altered so as to provide safe, dignified, non-intrusive conditions and procedures that provide appropriate confidentiality or privacy or for other reasonable ameliorative action they may deem appropriate.

    The petition for review shall be filed with the Board of Directors by notifying, in writing, the President of the Board. The President’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address can be found on in the "About ABA" section.

    The President shall distribute the petition to the entire Board and place the matter on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board for discussion. The petitioner shall be notified by the President in writing within 30 days of the Board meeting as to the result of the Board’s deliberation and as to any corrective action or change of procedure taken by the Board. If no action or change of procedure is taken by the Board, an explanation of the Board’s reasoning shall be included in the President’s response to the petitioner.

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