Guidelines for Kobo Co-Branded Page Logo

    Please provide a high-resolution copy of your logo, JPG format preferred, which is wider than it is tall.  The final display size will be 70x34 pixels (140x68 for retina displays). If you have a vector version, you may provide a .SVG file. 

    Your store name will appear on the page adjacent to your logo.

    Please ensure you provide a logo which will be legible and clear at a small size.  Logos supplied that do not fit within the given dimensions may suffer detrimental effects when scaled down (or up) to fit the space. Fitting this space may require significant work or alteration of your logo.  Illegible logos may be rejected.

    In preparing art for your co-branded site, keep the following design concepts and options in mind.

    • Simple is best - minimize the amount of fine detail
    • Symbolize - your store name is already included in the banner – do you use an icon or symbol that could stand alone?

    If you can not or do not wish to tailor your logo for this purpose, it will be scaled to fit the space (though this may yield less than optimal results).  We will include a standard logo for stores that haven't provided or can not provide a logo (See example at left.)

    Preferred file types are JPG or SVG images with no compression.  Please do not send images embedded in Word files.   

    Please contact Greg Galloway at with any questions.

    Email art to