Order Processing

    Order Processing, Part 2

    IndieCommerce webinar presented on October 21, 2015, covering:

    • Processing credit card orders...continued
    • Processing PayPal orders
    • Processing giftcard/credit card orders
    • Sending orders to Ingram
    • Handling tax-exempt orders​

    Processing Tax Exempt Orders

    When a customer enters tax exempt information, tax is removed from the order. While processing the order, store admins can verify the tax exempt information and  if needed add the tax back to the order.


    Navigate to: Store > Orders > View Orders

    1. Select the ‘View’ button for the order
    2. Review and verify the tax-exempt information provided by the customer

    Order Processing, Part 1

    IndieCommerce webinar presented on October 7, 2015, covering:

    • Order status and order panes
    • Order logs and order invoices
    • Entering payments and comments to an order
    • Editing an order
    • Creating an order on behalf of a customer
    • Order processing, focusing on pay-at-store and credit card orders

    Order Statuses

    Your main page for order review is found by navigating to: Store > Orders. Here you will find a list of all active orders and it is from here that you will process these orders as needed. In this document, we’ll review what each standard order status means, what state that order status belongs to, and how to create custom order statuses of a particular state.

    Editing Orders

    Orders in a ‘Pending’ or ‘Processing’ state can be altered. You have the ability to alter just about every part of the order.

    Navigate to: Store > Orders > View Orders

    We recommend you always select the ‘View’ button first, verify that the order is in a ‘Pending’ or ‘Processing’ state that can still be altered and then once confirmed, select the ‘Edit’ tab to make your changes.

    Canceling and Refunding Orders


    If an order is in a ‘Pending’ or ‘Processing’ state, and an item needs to be removed from the order, or the entire order needs to be cancelled, this can be done with store administrator access or order admin access.

    Navigate to: Store > Orders > View Orders

    1. Remove Specific Items

    Payment Methods

    There are many different ‘Payment Methods’ that can be enabled for your website:

    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Payment Methods

    A list of available payment methods, and those enabled on your site can be verified on the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account information and Preferences > Store Features). If you wish to have a particular payment method enabled on your site, you can send us a request from the Store Features page.

    Order Processing Overview

    The main page listing all orders for review is at Store > Orders. Here you will find a list of all active orders and it is from here that you will process these orders as needed. In this document, we’ll review what each order status means and the difference between Store Fulfilled Orders and Wholesaler Fulfilled Orders. We will also go over 5 basic order scenarios and how to complete them.

    Creating An Order On Behalf Of Your Customer

    At times, you may need to create an order on behalf of your customer. The instructions below guide you through doing so for both existing customers and new customers.

    Navigate to:  Store > Orders > Create Order

    Fulfilling Orders

    Fulfilling orders is an important part of your business and as you have chosen to accept orders through your IndieCommerce website, we want to make sure the steps to fulfill those orders are  simple and clear. The scenarios below cover the most common order processes.


    The main page for orders is found by navigating to: Store > Orders > View Orders

    Conditions for Store v. Wholesaler Fulfilled Orders

    Many stores have questions about why an order did or did not go to Ingram (the wholesaler), and why the 'Send to Ingram' button does not appear for certain orders.

    Listed below are the conditions for when the ‘Send to Wholesaler’ button will not appear and what conditions will cause an order to not be sent automatically to the wholesaler, when that preference is enabled.

    Re-Authorizing A Credit Card

    When a credit card is used to place an order on an IndieCommerce site, the card is authorized for about 4 weeks. Within that time, the card can be charged for the authorized amount on the order. However, there are two scenarios that will require a credit card to be re-authorized:

    Discount Coupons

    Since there are so many different configuration options for coupon codes, it is easiest to explore this feature using examples.  The following examples are provided solely as illustrations of the coupon code functionality and are in no way recommendations.  We do not suggest what promotions or discounts any store should offer. Those business decisions are made solely by each individual bookstore.

    Fraudulent Orders

    Unfortunately, the Internet is not always a safe place, and fraudulent orders with stolen credit cards are becoming increasingly common.  Here are some red flags to watch out for, as well as simple steps you can take to verify suspicious orders.

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