Adding Files

    You can add a file (txt doc docx xls xlsx pdf ppt pptx pps ppsx odt ods odp) to your website as long as the content type you are adding it to has a ‘File’ option. If the content type does not have a ‘File’ option, it can most likely be added by visiting the ‘Manage Fields’ tab for that content type and adding it.


    Knowing where your file is located on your computer will make adding it to the website quick and easy. Once you know where your file is locally, navigate to the page you want to add it to.


    1. Scroll towards the middle/bottom of the page to the field ‘FILES’ - Select ‘Choose File’ or 'Browse', locate the file you would like to add and select it
    2. Click Upload
    3. You will see your file load above the ‘Add a new file’ field if it has successfully uploaded

    You have now added your file. You may Save the page or continue to make any additional edits, but, be sure to Save before exiting the page.