Adding A Link


    Identify the link you want to use:

    1. If the link you want to add is to a page on your website you will want to know the internal path

    2. If the link you want to add is to something outside of your website you will want the complete url

    Once you know the link you want to use navigate to the page you want to add the link to .


    1. Highlight the text or click on the image that you want to make a link
    2. Click the link button in the editor and you should receive a pop-up window (If you’re unsure of which icon is the link button review our WYSIWYG Editor Key below).
    3. Select your “Link Type”

      1. “Internal Path” for a link to a page within your site
      2. “URL” for a link to page outside of your site
    4. Paste either the internal path or the web address that you would like to link to:

      1. “Internal Path” goes into the “Link” field
      2.  URL for an outside page goes into “URL” field
      3. If you are linking to an outside URL set the ‘Protocol’ to ‘http’
    5. Select the ‘Target’ tab and set the appropriate selection. (Any time you link outside of your site, make sure the link opens in a new window.)
    6. Click ‘OK’

    You have now added your link. You may save the page or continue making any additional changes you would like to make.