Adding New Administrators

    Have the user create an account on your website, make sure they take note of the email address used to sign up.
    Once they have signed up, log in with your Store Admin account, and navigate to Store > Configuration > Store Roles
    1. Enter Email Address in 'User' field
    2. Set the ‘Role’:

      1. Store Admin: the maximum access for a store.  Can do everything, including setting up access for other users.
      2. Store Editor: can edit site content, articles, images, design etc.  Will not have access to Order Admin permissions.
      3. Order Admin: for users that will be fulfilling orders. Will not have access to Store Editor permissions.
    3. Click 'Assign Role'
    If an employee no longer requires access, go to Store > Configuration > Store Roles  and remove the assigned role for that user account.  Simply check the 'Remove' box next to their username, and click the 'Remove roles' button. 
    If an employee is no longer working at your store, or if you are no longer working with an outside developer, be sure to remove their administrator privileges.