Creating Booklists

    Every page and event has a ‘Books’ feature where you can create a unique list of products for users to review and add items to their cart by entering the Product ISBN, SKU or Model.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend keeping booklists to 10-15 items.


    Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Page (or content type of choice)

    1. Enter ‘Title’ -  Example: ‘Exciting Summer Reads’
    2. Scroll to the ‘Books’ field and enter your first ISBN, SKU or Model
    3. Click in the white area above the box where you entered your ISBN so that the ‘gadget’ appears and pulls in your product. You should see your product information appear
    4. You have the option of adding a review
    5. Add Another Item
    6. Save

    Repeat steps 2-5 until all preferred items have been added to the list.

    You have now created your list and can add the page to any menu of your preference.

    Review "Manage Book Lists In Bulk" to learn about additional book list options.