Creating Custom Products

    When creating a custom product, we recommend setting up a separate product class (A product class is a content type that can be purchased).  Having a separate product class will allow you to find the product easier, and control settings such as eligible shipping methods, payment methods, taxable status, etc. Once the Product Class is created, that Product Class will automatically appear as a Content type.  For the example below we are creating a custom product for our store T-shirt. However, the same steps can be used regardless of the product you wish to create.


    Navigate to Store > Products > Manage Classes

    Fill out the form:

    1. Enter the Class ID - Example: tshirt (Class ID should be singular, not plural)
    2. Class Name - Example T-Shirt (Class Name should be singular, not plural)
    3. Description is optional
    4. Save at the bottom of the page 

    You have now finished creating the Product Class.

    Two settings are always defaulted when you create a new product class: it is always set to be taxable and authoring information is always displayed.

    MANAGE TAX (if you wish to change the default)

    Navigate to Store  > Configuration > Taxes > Edit

    1. Select 'edit' in the 'Tax' row
    2. Scroll to ‘Taxed Product Types’ - find T-shirt and uncheck the box next to it
    3. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

    Repeat for ALL Tax options listed until all tax types are modified.


    Navigate to Structure > Content Type > T-Shirt

    The edit tab at the right top should be selected (that is the default).

    1. Scroll down to find Display settings click on it and uncheck the box next to Display author and date information.  
    2. Save


    Navigate to Content > Add content > T-shirt

    1. Give your T-shirt product a name: Cool Store T-Shirt
    2. Add a description about your T-shirt (optional: anything unique about the T-shirt)
    3. Upload an image of your product - Choose File - Search for it Locally - Upload
    4. Enter a SKU to reference your product, it can be a string of numbers, or words (it cannot be a 10 digit or 13 digit ISBN number - if you want to use those numbers you can add a letter to the front or end of the SKU to distinguish it from the book ISBN) Ex: coolstoretshirt (custom SKUs should be lower-case)
    5. Add the sell price and the list price (which should be the same) along with the weight, length and height
    6. Save

    At this point you will have a basic T-shirt Custom Product.  However, our T-shirt comes in different sizes (Large, Medium, Small), so we need to add some attributes to our T-Shirt.


    Navigate to Store > Products > Attributes > Add An Attribute

    1. Name - this should be the type of Attribute you are creating, for this example ‘Size’ would be appropriate
    2. Label** - what you want displayed to the customer, for this example “Please choose your size” would be appropriate
    3. If this should be a required field check mark the box ‘Make Required’
    4. Display type - your preferred display,  for this example, we've selected 'Radio Buttons'.
    5. Submit
    6. Add Option
    7. Name - Enter the name of your first attribute option - for this example ‘Large’ -  leave everything else the same
    8. Submit

    Repeat steps 6-8 until you have created all attribute options needed - for this example Small & Medium would be appropriate.


    Navigate to: Store > Products > Manage Classes

    1. Locate your class (in this example 't-shirt') and click edit
    2. Select the 'Attributes' tab
    3. Select 'add attributes to this class'
    4. Select the attribute from the list (in this case 'Size') and 'Add Attributes'
    5. Save Changes


    Navigate to Content (click on it)

    1. Set Search: Type = T-Shirt - Click Apply
    2. Click edit for the T-Shirt
    3. Select ‘Attributes’ button
    4. Click ‘Add Attributes’
    5. Scroll to the Attribute list and check mark the new attribute (in this example ‘Size’)
    6. Add Attributes -  We can reorder the attributes (if we had more than one) that was just added
    7. Save Changes

    Now that you have created your custom product you may want to hide some of the extra fields such a s cost, list price, and display price from appearing on our product page. Usually you will only want the sell price to appear.


    Navigate to Structure > Content Types> T-Shirt > Manage Display

    1. Modify all sections under ‘Format’ as desired (we recommend making the SKU, List price, Cost and Sell Price hidden)
    2. Save

    You are now completely finished creating your custom product.

    *Note: Attributes can be reused for other products if needed.

    **Note: Label is what the customer will see.