Creating Gift Cards As A Product For Sale

    You will need to request that ABA enable the ‘Gift Card’ module for you. You may do so by navigating to: Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features scrolling to the ECOMMERCE section - check mark ‘Givex Gift Card*’ under ‘Enable This Feature’ and click the ‘Send request to ABA’ button. Or email and request the ‘Gift Card’ module be enabled for your site.

    Note: Though the name of the module is ‘Givex Gift Card’, the module can be enabled and used for any gift card product.

    We will send you confirmation that the ‘Gift Card’ module has been enabled. Once enabled you will have a new content type ‘Gift Card’ created.

    To Create A Gift Card Product

    Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Gift Card

    1. Enter a name for your gift card - Example: Book Shop Gift Card
    2. If you have an image of your gift card upload it: Choose File > Locate it locally > Upload
    3. Enter a Description - Example: Our gift card makes the perfect gift for every occasion!
    4. Create a custom SKU: Example: BSGC1 (do not use a 10 or 13 digit number)
    5. The sell price  and list price should be set as $0.00
    6. Save and Continue
    7. Click the Options button
    8. Complete the column ‘Price’ under ‘Gift Card Amount’
    9. Verify that your ‘Cost’ column matches the ‘Price’ column
    10. Submit

    Manage Your Product Attributes

    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Products

    1. Select Attributes tab
    2. Verify that ‘Do Not Display’ is selected
    3. Save configuration

    Your final step in completing the creation of your Gift Card is to clean up what information is displayed to your customer.

    Managing Displays - Gift Card

    Navigate to: Structure > Content Types > Gift Cards > Manage Display

    1. Change the ‘Format’ to ‘Hidden’ for the following fields:

      1. Display Price
      2. List Price
      3. Cost
      4. SKU
      5. Sell Price
    2. Save
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for ‘Teaser'

    * Please be aware that while the ‘Givex Gift Card’ module will allow the creation of store gift cards as products for purchase through the website, and customers can choose “Store Gift Card’ as a payment method (If you have allowed ‘Store Gift Card as a Payment method), store gift cards cannot be redeemed on the website; You will need to manually process and track the store gift card balance at the store. Givex gift cards remain the only gift card the can be used as a payment method and automatically processed within the site.