Custom Checkout Messages

    If you wish to display a special message to your customers at the end of checkout, a special message pertaining to their order, you may do so using ‘Rules’.

    Example scenarios where a custom checkout message could be used :

    1. For a store pickup order, remind your customers to wait for a call from you before coming to the store to pick up their order
    2. A signed book in the order should be picked up at the event location
    3. An order with a particular title could take an extra couple of days to process

    Here we will use #3 as a use case to walk through the steps.

    Navigate to: Configuration > Workflow > Rules

    1. Select ‘Add new rule’
    2. Enter the ‘Name’ for your rule - The rule name should be simple and easy to identify what the rule is for. Example: Signed Gaiman book checkout message.
    3. Set ‘React on event’ to ‘Customer completes checkout’
    4. Save
    5. Under ‘Active Rules’ locate the rule you just created and select ‘Edit’
    6. Select ‘Add Condition’
    7. Set ‘Condition to add’ to ‘Check an order’s products by ISBN/SKU’
    8. Enter the Product's ‘Value’ - This should be the ISBN or SKU for the product you want the message to display for.
    9. Save
    10. Select ‘Add action’
    11. Set the ‘Action to add’ to ‘Show message on site’
    12. Enter the Message ‘Value’ - This should be the message you want displayed when the customer completes checkout for this item. Example: Thank you for purchasing a signed copy of the Neil Gaiman book. Please remember this title requires an extra 2-3 days for processing.
    13. Set the Message type ‘Value’ to ‘Status’

      • Status - displays as a message highlighted by a green bar
      • Warning - displays as a message highlighted by a yellow bar
      • Error - displays as a message highlighted by a red bar
    14. Save

    Your rule is now configured and enabled. We recommend you place a test order through your site to confirm that the rule works.