Domains 101

    While ABA does provide hosting for our IndieCommerce sites, some stores do host with different companies.  It is important to note that ABA does not register domain names, and in order to keep your web address, you will need to renew your domain when the time comes.

    • Renew your domain name when alerted, and know how to access your registrar account.
    • ABA should never be listed as the registrant on your domain, only the Technical & Administrative Contact on your Whois information.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Find your registrar login information, do a Whois search, and update information if needed.


    DNS: Short for Domain Name Server, DNS is an internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Because domain names are alphabetic, they're easier to remember. The Internet however, is really based on IP addresses.  The DNS for sites hosted on our servers are NS2.BOOKSENSE.COM and NS3.BOOKSENSE.COM.
    A Record: An A (address) record is a DNS record that can be used to point your domain name and host names to a static IP address.  If you are using an A Record, it means that you are hosting with a provider other than ABA, like Go Daddy, or Network Solutions.
    MX Records: Short for mail exchange record, an MX record is an entry in a domain name database that identifies the mail server that is responsible for handling e-mails for that domain name.
    Whois: This is the contact information associated with your domain name. Before going live, the Technical & Administrative information must be changed in order for our System Administrator to purchase a security certificate for your website. Not sure what to change it to? Email us at and we’ll send you the appropriate contact information.