Embedding Code

    Embedding code into your website is usually fairly simple. However, we highly recommend you save a copy of the code locally as a TXT file (Notepad) so that you have it saved for future use.
    Once you have obtained the embed code from its source (YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter, etc.), you will follow the steps below to add it to your page or block.


    Navigate to: Page or Block of choice (or create a new page or block)
    1. Select the ‘Source’ button
    2. Paste the code into the body
    3. Save
    If there is any chance you will need to come back and edit this page make sure you have a copy of the code saved in plain text or Notepad file. The embed code will change (the code gets stripped) when you revisit the page and it won’t appear correctly.  You will have to paste the original code again in the editor as described above.