Google Analytics

    We encourage you to set up your own Google Analytics account. You will need to set up the account with Google first, and then configure your site to add the new tracking account.using the instructions below.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a pre-existing Google Analytics account you will need to obtain your existing Tracking ID and then jump to step 3.


    1. Set up a new Analytics account with Google. Visit, click the Access Google Analytics or Create an account button (top right), and follow the on-screen instructions.
    2. You will need to set up a "property" with Google. See this link for instructions: Make a careful note of the Tracking ID that you will receive in Step 10. Please disregard Google's further instructions about adding "tracking code" to your website. There is a Drupal module installed on your IndieCommerce site which will do this for you. We will configure this module shortly.
    3. Before leaving Google Analytics, take the opportunity to enable eCommerce Tracking for your property. Unless you do this, sales from your website will not appear in Google Analytics. This is important data for making decisions, so you'll definitely want this one. Follow the instructions under "Enable Ecommerce in your reports" here: Do not continue with the next sections on Tracking Setup. Drupal will take care of this for you—you just need to enable Ecommerce tracking for your new property.


    1. Log in to your IndieCommerce website, and navigate to Configuration > Web Services > Analytics Services > Add
    2. Enter a brief description for the administrative title. It is best to keep this short (under 10 characters). If you want a suggestion, "Store" or "Local" would work fine.
    3. Under Service, choose "Google Universal (analytics.js)". DO NOT choose "Google Analytics (ga.js)". This latter option may appear to work, but eCommerce tracking will be broken.
    4. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID (sometimes also called an Account ID), and save.

    Google Analytics is now enabled and will begin tracking data from your website.