Integrate Constant Contact

    Embed your Constant Contact signup form into your website to allow customers to easily sign up for newsletters, coupons, event notifications, etc.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have pasted the ‘Embed Code’ and saved, editing the block will strip the code.Therefore we recommend you save the code to a plain text (Notepad) file, in case you need it again.


    Follow the instructions provided by Constant Contact to obtain the ‘Embed Code’ for the list you wish to create a signup form for on your website. Instructions can be found here:


    Navigate to: Structure > Blocks > Add Block

    1. Fill in the ‘Block description’: Example: Constant Contact Signup Block
    2. Select the ‘Source’ button in the editor
    3. Paste your embed code into the white body area
    4. Adjust your Visibility settings as you would like them
    5. Save
    6. Scroll through the list to find your newly created block and select the region you want to place it in.
    7. Save Blocks

    You have now created and placed your Constant Contact block on your website and customers can begin utilizing the sign-up option.


    MailMunch is a third-party service, providing multiple opt-in form options for capturing email addresses from site visitors and integrates with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other email marketing software easily to send emails to those captured email address. These options include opt-in form formats such as Pop-up, Floating bar, Scroll-box, and Embedded. Additional details and instructions for MailMunch can be found under ‘MailMunch Integration’.