Log In To Your Site

    If the User login block is disabled on your site and you have not added a ‘Log in’ link to your menu, it is useful to know the path to get that page:


    To log in

    • Enter Username
    • Enter Password
    • Click Log In

    Your successful login should take you to your account page. You can click on your site name or home menu to go to your home page.

    If you’re logged in as a ‘Admin’ of your site you should also see a black menu band across the top of your website. This is a key indication that you are logged in as an admin, from here you can navigate your website, edit or use the top menu to make changes.

    To log out

    The path to log out is:


    NOTE: We recommend you add menu links providing ‘Log In’ and ‘Log Out’ options for your users. If you’re not sure how to edit or create a menu, review our ‘Working With A Menu’ document.