Online Only Gift Codes

    For stores not currently using Givex as their gift card provider, we have an automated gift code feature that is fully integrated with your IndieCommerce site.  These codes can be used on books, as well as any custom products your store has created. Gift codes cannot be used for Kobo eBooks purchases.

    NOTE: The ‘Online Only Gift Card’ module needs to be enabled for your site. Please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features.


    Navigate to: Structure > Content Types > Online Only Gift Code

    1. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and select the ‘Ubercart Product Settings’ tab. Deselect ‘Product and its derivatives are shippable’.
    2. Save Content Type

    Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Online Only Gift Code

    1. Fill in the ‘Name’ - Example: Online Gift Code
    2. Add a description of your choice
    3. Assign a SKU of your choice for the product - Example: ONLINEGIFTCODE
    4. Confirm the List and Sell Price are set to $0.00 (you will set up price options in the next few steps)
    5. Confirm 'Product is shippable' is NOT selected
    6. Save and Continue
    7. Select the ‘Options’ tab
    8. Fill is the ‘Cost’ and ‘Price’ columns to match the ‘Option’

      • Example: Option: $10    Cost: $10.00   Price: $10.00
    9. Submit


    Navigate to: Structure > Content Types > Online Only Gift Codes > Manage Display

    1. Change the ‘Format’ to ‘Hidden’ for the following fields:

      • Display Price
      • List Price
      • Cost
      • SKU
      • Sell Price
    2. Save

    Repeat steps 1 and 2 for ‘Teaser'

    Once the product has been created, be sure to make the product page easily accessible to your customers. Some suggested methods for doing so are adding the SKU to a booklist, listing the page in a menu, and creating a block that links to the page.


    Now that you have created the ‘Online Only Gift Code’ product, it can be sold on your site as a product. Orders will be submitted in the same way all orders are and will need to be completed just as other orders are. These gift codes can be gifted by one customer to another, and stores can create gift codes in bulk for distribution.


    When a customer adds a gift code to their cart and completes checkout, they must include a valid recipient email address.  When a staff member marks the order ‘completed,’ a notification email is sent to the recipient with their gift code. A confirmation of it being sent is emailed to the customer who ordered it.

    Navigate to: Store > Orders

    1. View the order
    2. Set the ‘Order Status’ to ‘Payment Received’ and then to ‘Completed’
    3. Update

    You should receive a confirmation message letting you know:

    • Gift code #### has been emailed to  (email address for recipient)
    • A notification email has been sent to the customer who ordered the gift code
    • Order Updated


    Sometimes, you may want to create and send an online only gift code without placing an online order for it. For instance, if a customer came into the store to purchase one, or perhaps you’re sending it as a ‘Thank You’ for a particularl loyal customer. In either of those instances, though there is no ‘charge’ through the website for the gift code, you may still generate and email one to the recipient.

    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Online Only Gift Code > Create/Adjust/Balance

    1. Expand ‘Create and Email An Online Only Gift Code’
    2. Enter the provided email address for the recipient, the amount for the gift code and any ‘Message for the recipient’ the purchaser requested.
    3. Create and Email Gift Code (you should receive a confirmation message: Gift code ##### has been e-mailed to ‘email address of recipient’.)


    You may want to create ‘Online Only Gift Codes’ in bulk to sell in store or have ready to provide as a courtesy to customers.

    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Online Only Gift Code > Create/Adjust/Balance

    1. Expand 'Create Bulk Online Gift Codes’
    2. Enter the number of gift codes you want to generate and the value of each code
    3. Select 'Create’

    You can now see the  list of codes that were generated, and there are a few different options from here:

    1. Assign a code directly to a customer by selecting ‘edit’ for a code

      • Enter the recipient's email and click update, the code will be emailed to them automatically.
    2. Download a CSV file of all of the bulk codes available:

      • Though the codes are removed from the ‘Bulk’ list when used, this is helpful to keep track of which codes are sold and you have the option to add other columns in Excel (or OpenOffice, Numbers etc.)
    3. Use the list of codes to create and print your own certificates to sell in the store.

      • If you’re already selling gift certificates in store and manually keeping track of balances this would be a great enhanced alternative as the system will automatically calculate balances after each use.
      • After selling a printed gift certificate with one of these codes, we recommend you keep some record of the code and who it was sold to. You can come back to this page, select edit and fill in the name of the person it was sold and/or the name of the person who will be using it or you can use a method of record keeping that works best for you.


    After a customer receives their code, they can navigate to your site and start shopping.  The code can be used to purchase books and any custom products created on your site. Gift codes CANNOT be used on Kobo eBooks, or to purchase another gift code.

    When your customer is on the Checkout page and ready to complete their order, they should select 'Online Only Gift Code' as their payment method and select the link that reads 'Check your balance to continue’, then proceed with checking out as usual.


    • If the balance on the gift code does not cover the entire purchase, the customer will be prompted to enter a credit card number to cover the balance
    • A customer may use up to two gift codes to complete their purchase. They should be entered into the same line using a comma to separate them.
    • This is not to be confused with the field to enter a coupon code.


    1. Check Balance - Check the remaining balance on a gift code:

      • CUSTOMER: Go to

        • Select ‘Balance Check’/‘Transaction History’
        • Enter the ‘Gift Code’ and select ‘Balance Check’ or ‘Transaction History’
      • STORE ADMIN: Navigate to Store > Configuration > Online Only Gift Code > Create/Adjust/Balance

        • Select 'Balance check/Transaction history
        • Enter the gift code number
        • Select ‘Balance Check’ or ‘Transaction History’


    1. View All Active Gift Codes -  You can review all active gift codes generated through your website at any time. These pages help keep track of all gift codes, their remaining balances, when they were created and the emails associated to them.

    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Online Only Gift Code > View

    • You can then select from three different lists:

      • Store (codes emailed by store either created individually or in bulk)
      • Order (codes purchased by customer and created automatically upon marking the order complete)
      • Bulk (codes generated by store not yet used).  

    NOTE: You can also cancel a code from this page if necessary.


    Before making adjustments to a gift code, check the balance to make sure that you have the correct information.

    Navigate to: Store  > Configuration > Online Only Gift Code > Create/Adjust/Balance

    1. Expand ‘Adjust Amount On Existing Gift Card’
    2. Enter the existing gift code
    3. Enter the ‘amount’ to be added or subtracted
    4. Enter the reason for the adjustment
    5. Select ‘Add’ or ‘Subtract’

      • Add:

        • If a customer returns part of an order purchased with a gift code, you can return the funds to the original code.
        • If you need to refund an entire purchase and the order is 'Payment Received,' change the order status to 'Canceled.'  The balance will be adjusted and the transaction history will reflect this credit.
        • If you need to refund an entire purchase and the order has already been marked 'Completed,' enter the full amount and click add.(The order status is not changed, but the gift code balance is adjusted)
        • We recommend you also add an ‘Order Comment’ on the order itself to share details with your customer and/or an ‘Admin Comment’ to share details with staff only.
      • Subtract:

        • While these codes are intended for use online, if you so chose, they can also be redeemed in store, if you have access to your site at the counter.  Simply enter the customer's gift code, the amount purchased, detailed comments, and click subtract.  This must be done at the time of purchase, to ensure that the code has enough funds to cover the amount of the in-store purchase.


    There is some customization allowed for the notifications that get sent regarding ‘Online Only Gift Codes’.

    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Online Only Gift Code > Settings

    Here you can modify:

    1. The subject of the outgoing email to the recipient
    2. The message that appears after a customer purchases a gift code
    3. The confirmation email that is sent to the purchaser of the code.

      • In order to modify the message, you should be familiar with the concept of Replacement Patterns.  Basically, there are different tokens surrounded by [brackets] that signify different elements in the message.  There is a glossary of tokens located on the page.

    Don’t forget to ‘Save Configuration’ after making any changes.