To offer Paypal as a payment option you (the store) must have your own Paypal account. If you do not have one already you can create one here.  Once registration with Paypal is complete, please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features) to enable the Paypal module. We will confirm once the module has been enabled so that you may begin configuring it.


    Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Payment Methods

    1. Select the ‘Settings’ option for “Paypal Website Payments Standard’
    2. Enter the email address that is associated with your PayPal account inside the box under 'PayPal e-mail address'
    3. Change 'PayPal server' to 'Live' (the default is 'Sandbox')
    4. Select your preferred ‘Payment Action’

      1. Authorization Only - This option will obtain an ‘Authorization’ from Paypal at the time of checkout for the amount of the order. You will still need to capture those funds through the Paypal interface in order to collect payment. This option also allows you to edit the order and adjust the cost as needed before the completing the order.
      2. Complete the Sale - This option will authorize and capture the funds at the time of checkout. No changes can be made and you do not have to capture the funds separately.
    5. Save Configuration (We recommend leaving all other settings  on that page to their default).
    6. Go back to the payment methods page: Store > Configuration > Payment Methods
    7. Select 'Paypal Website Payments Standard' (checkmark should appear)
    8. Save configuration

    You have now configured the Paypal module and enabled it as an option for your customers. We recommend you place a test PayPal order to make sure your PayPal is working correctly


    • All purchases using Paypal will be handled by your store and Paypal.  Your store will be responsible for all payment details, and the transaction will be handled on their interface.
    • PayPal cannot be used to purchase eBooks or on orders sent to the wholesaler for fulfillment.

      To learn more about processing PayPal orders please review Scenario 6 under “Fulfilling Orders”.