Product Bundles


    Creating a product bundle as a custom product is very similar to creating a standard custom product, in fact, you will follow the same instructions which can be found under ‘Creating Custom Products’. However, we do have some tips unique to creating bundles:

    1. Pair complimentary items together - an event ticket with a book by the visiting author, activity basket with a coloring book, pencils and a puzzle etc
    2. Use an image(s) that displays all the items included in the bundle and make sure your description includes all items.
    3. Highlight the cost difference between buying the items separately and buying them as a bundle.
    4. Make them unique to your store with special packaging or by including an item only you carry.
    5. Make sure your bundle includes all the attributes necessary for each item
    6. Create a shipping option just for bundles - remember, your bundle contains multiple items and will most likely weigh more than just a single item which could increase your shipping cost. Follow the instructions under our ‘Shipping Rate Overview’ to create a unique shipping option.


    Another option to offer a bundle of sorts, is to create a coupon that applies automatically when two different items are placed in the cart together. The example below uses 2 ABA book products but the same steps could be used for 2 custom products, or a custom product and an ABA book product.

    NOTE: The Coupon module will be enabled on IC sites upon request. If you would like to give it a try, please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features).

    Navigate to: Store > Coupons > Add New Coupon

    1. Enter ‘Coupon Name’ - Example: ‘Save $5.00 Gillian Flynn’
    2. Enter ‘Coupon Code’  - Example: ‘XXSAVE5XX’
    3. Select the ‘Active’ button
    4. Enter the discount amount - Example ‘5.00’
    5. Set the ‘Apply Discount’, for this example, select ‘Order Subtotal’
    6. Make sure ‘Maximum number of redemptions’ is left blank - if there is a value, this coupon will be limited to that number of customers on a “first come, first serve” basis.
    7. Maximum number of redemptions (per user) - If you want to limit the number of times a coupon is used by individual customers, add a value here. However, be aware, that all ‘unauthenticated users’ count as the same user. Therefore, anyone not logged in, will be unable to use this coupon after its first use and you would need to instruct them to log in first to use the coupon code.
    8. Expand ‘Applicable SKUS’ and enter the ISBNs or SKUs for this coupon - for this example, 9780307588371 and 9780307341570
    9. Expand ‘Display Options’ and enter a ‘Line item title format’ and ‘Message’

      • Example:

        • Line item title format: Special Discount for Gillian Flynn titles
        • Message: $5.00 discount applied for purchasing Gone Girl and Dark Places together.
    10. Save Coupon

    You have now created your coupon but still need to add rules and conditions to make it apply automatically.


    Navigate to: Configuration > Workflow > Rules

    1. Select ‘Add New Rule’
    2. Enter the ‘Name’ - Example: Automatic Save $5.00 for GF titles
    3. Set the ‘React on Event’ to ‘Check for Automatic Discounts’
    4. Save
    5. Find your new rule in the list and select ‘edit’
    6. Select ‘Add condition’
    7. Set the ‘Select the condition to add’ to ‘Check an order’s products by ISBN/SKU
    8. Set the ‘Data selector’ to current-order
    9. Enter the ISBN into the ‘Value’ field (enter only one of the ISBNs at this point)
    10. Save
    11. Repeat steps 6-10 to add a second condition for the second ISBN
    12. Under ‘Conditions’ select ‘+Add and’
    13. Select ‘Continue’
    14. Drag the ‘And’ rule to the top of the list and indent the two condition below it.
    15. Save Changes
    16. Select ‘Add Action’
    17. Set the ‘Action to Add’ to ‘Apply a coupon to current order’ and continue
    18. Select the coupon - ‘Save $5.00 Gillian Flynn’
    19. Set the ‘Mode” to “Apply this coupon as an automatic discount.”
    20. Save

    You have now set the rules and conditions and customers who meet the conditions for this discount will receive it automatically.

    NOTE: For coupons that are applied automatically you should never give the coupon code out to customers.