Providing Your Holiday Catalog To IndieCommerce

    If you are a regional association and would like to have your regional holiday catalog included on IndieCommerce sites, please prepare an HTML version of the catalog.  You can put this together however you wish but there are some things to keep in mind:

    1. All internal links (e.g., to images, to other pages, etc.) should be relative, and should not include a leading slash.

    For example:

    • to link to page2.html: <a href="page2.html">
    • to link to cover.jpg:<img src="cover.jpg">

    1. Purchase links for books should also be relative, and must include a leading slash.  The links can be constructed using this format: /book/v/ISBN.

    For example:

    • to link to a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird: a href="/book/v/9780446310789">Buy this Book!</a>

    1. You are welcome (but certainly not required) to use our cover images.  To link to our cover images, use this URL pattern -

    For example:

    •     <img src="//">


    1. Allowed technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
    2. Not allowed: PHP/MySQL or other server-side code

    The end result should be a bundle of HTML files and graphics, which you can zip up and email to staff@bookweb.orgCouple of examples from last year: