Recurring Events Calendar

    The default events calendar does not allow for the addition of recurring events without multiple entries. However, you may create a new ‘content type’ and a ‘view’ which will then provide a separate calendar that does.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Creating a calendar with recurring events requires ABA to enable the ‘Date Repeat API’ and ‘Date Repeat Field’ modules for your site. If you have not done so already, please contact us with a request to enable those for you. Example: Please enable the  ‘Date Repeat API’ and ‘Date Repeat Field’ for us so that we may create a calendar with recurring events.


    Navigate to: Structure > Content Types > Add New Content Type

    1. Fill in the ‘Name’ - Example: Store Events
    2. Fill in the ‘Description’ - Example: Store Events - Events hosted by the store.
    3. Fill in ‘Title field label’ - Example: Store Event
    4. Save and add fields
    5. Add new field - Label: Store Events Date - Field Type: Date - Widget: Pop-up calendar - Save
    6. Under ‘Field Settings’ select ‘Collect an end date’ and set ‘Repeating date’ to Yes - Save field settings
    7. Under ‘Default Values’ confirm ‘Default Date’ is set to ‘Now’ and ‘Default end date’ is sent to ‘Same as Default date’ - Save Settings
    8. Manage Display - Drag the ‘Store Events Date’ above the ‘Body’ - Save
    9. Repeat step 8 for the ‘Teaser’

    You have now created a new ‘Content Type’ we recommend you create at least one event with that new ‘Content Type’ before creating your ‘View’ so that you have content to populate the new ‘View’ with. You can add additional content under this ‘Content Type’ at anytime.


    Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Content Type (Store Event in this case)

    1. Fill in ‘Store Event’ name - Example: Mystery Book Club
    2. Fill in the ‘Body’ with any details about the event
    3. Set the initial start and end date for the event Example: 6/24/2015 6pm to 6/24/2015 7:30pm
    4. Select ‘Repeat’
    5. Complete ALL the ‘Repeats’ settings as needed
    6. Save

    You have now created one Event with this new content type. You can repeat steps 1-6 at any time to add additional events with the same content type.


    Navigate to: Structure > Views > Add View from template

    1. Locate the view with a description that includes the content type you created earlier and select ‘Add’ - Example: ‘A calendar view of the 'field_store_events_date' field in the 'node' base table.’
    2. Fill in the ‘View Name’ and Continue - Example: Store Events Calendar  
    3. Under Page Settings - Set your path by clicking the link and entering the path name and ‘Apply’
    4. Save

    The Store Events View is now ready, and will be available in the list of blocks, along with a second option for Upcoming Events only. You can activate these blocks from Structure > Blocks and place it in a suitable region. You can also add a link in any menu directly to the page.