Text Formatting

    Q. I pasted previously written content into a page, but I can't get any of the text formatting to change.

    When editing in Drupal it is NOT recommended to use word processing software (like Microsoft Word, Pages, or Open Office) to type up your pages.  These types of programs tend to embed extraneous code that will not format correctly into the page. Instead use a plain text editor like Notepad to write your content.  

    If you've created your content in one of the above programs, copy and paste the content into Notepad to clean the text before pasting into your Drupal site. (Notepad is preloaded onto many computers, but you can always use http://www.editpad.org/ if you cannot locate it.)

    If you are still having trouble formatting text, you can highlight the text, and click on the 'Remove Formatting' button.  Sometimes when you change the text formatting on a page frequently, the editor will continue to overlay code on top of code, and not recognize the changes.  

    After the text has been 'cleaned,' you can then add formatting to your liking using the built in WSYIWIG editor.