Upcoming Events w/ Photo and Details

    Create a view that will populate with upcoming events, and will include a field for an author photo, the body and date.


    1. We highly recommend you save your 'view' after every step, as you create it. Especially when you see this message come up:  “* All changes are stored temporarily. Click Save to make your changes permanent. Click Cancel to discard the view.”
    2. When working in settings always change the ‘For’ option from ‘All Displays’ to ‘This block (override)’ so that the changes you make only alter the block (or page) you are working on.
    3. Steps 12-14 are optional and may vary depending on exactly what information you want to display.


    Navigate to: Structure > Content Types> Event > Manage Fields

    1. Add a new field for ‘ Photo’

      • Label - Example: Author Photo
      • Field type - Image
      • Widget - Image
    2. Save
    3. On the next page, leave the default settings in place and Save field settings
    4. Under ‘Author Photo Field Settings’ confirm the ‘Number of Values’ is 1 and Save settings


    Navigate to: Structure > Views > Add New View

    1. Enter a ‘Name’ for your view - Example: Upcoming Events Detailed
    2. Set ‘of type’ to ‘Events’
    3. Deselect ‘Create a Page’ and select ‘Create a Block’
    4. Confirm Format is set to ‘Unformatted list’ (or the format you want)
    5. Enter the number of items you want to display under ‘Items per page’
    6. Continue and Edit
    7. Under ‘Filters’ add ‘Content: Event date - start date’ - Apply this display

      • On the next page leave the settings to the default and select ‘Apply and continue’
      • Select ‘Is greater than or equal to’ and enter date - Apply this display
    8. Under ‘Sort Criteria’ add ‘Content: Event date - start date’ - Apply this display

      • Select ‘Sort ascending’ and  Apply this Display
    9. Under ‘Sort Criteria’ select Content: Post date (desc) and remove
    10. Under ‘Format’ confirm ‘Show’ is set to ‘Fields’
    11. Under ‘Pager’ click the ‘‘More Link’ and select ‘Create more Link’ - Apply this display
    12. Under ‘Fields’ add ‘Content: Author Photo’ - Apply this display

      • Deselect create label
      • Select image style
      • Set link to content
      • Apply this display
    13. Under ‘Fields’ add ‘Event Date’ - Apply this display

      • Deselect create label
      • Select date format
      • Select display
      • Apply this display
    14. Under ‘Fields’ add ‘Content: Body’ - Apply this display

      • Deselect create label
      • Set to ‘Summary or Trimmed’
      • Apply this display

    The ‘Upcoming Events Detailed’ view is now ready, and will be available in the list of blocks. You can activate this block from Structure > Blocks and place it in a suitable region.