Indie Bestseller List

    The Indie Bestseller List puts the diversity of independent bookstores on display. The list is produced just two days after the end of the sales-week, and is the most current snapshot of what’s selling in indie bookstores nationwide. Hardcover, paperback, mass market and children's titles each are compiled into separate category lists. Available in Word, HTML, and PDF formats, and organized by format and genre. 

    View the Indie Bestseller List

    Indie Bestseller Lists are available for reprinting. Please contact Pete Reynolds for  permission and information.

    Reporting to the Indie Bestseller List

    All ABA members are encouraged to report their sales weekly. Reporting is fast, easy and confidential. The Indie Bestseller Lists are the freshest expression of independent booksellers' handselling prowess. Other reasons to participate?
    • To showcase the strength of the indie channel in the publishing industry
    • To receive customized demographics reports about what’s selling in your area (when reporting via BookScan)
    • To receive a more robust monthly white box mailing of publisher-sponsored ARCs and galleys
    • To create indie bookstore buzz in-store, in print and online 
    Stores can report electronically in one of three ways: manual entry, file upload or, the easiest of all, via Nielsen BookScan. (Information about benefits and methods for reporting to BookScan is here.)
    Note: the reporting system is open to ABA members only. To join ABA, please complete an application.

    It's as easy as one, two...

    1. Choose one of the three ways to report.

      • BookScan - via your POS
        BookScan is compatible with the following point of sale systems: Booklog, Anthology, WordStock, IBID and IBIDie, SQ1 and iMerchant, Basil, Books in Store, and Computac. For more information and to sign-up to report to BookScan, please contact Magesh Radhakrishnan, Team Leader, Nielsen Entertainment Merchant Services at
      • ABA manual entry - enter your top sellers by hand - view instructions
      • ABA file upload - upload a simple file from your POS system - view instructions
    2. Pick a convenient time to report.

      • The report should include sales occurring during the week beginning 12:01 am Sunday through midnight Saturday.
      • If reporting via ABA manual entry or ABA file upload, pleas transmit the weekly report no later than 3 am ET each Tuesday, via the ABA reporting site. The reporting site opens each week at 3 pm ET Saturday.
      • If reporting via BookScan, please transmit the weekly report from your POS to BookScan no later than 1 pm ET each Monday.

    Bestseller Reporting Troubleshooting FAQs