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24 Jul

A Scam Warning

An ABA member bookstore in the Great Lakes region reported this week that a staff member had received an e-mail informing him that he had won a $1,000 Visa Gift card from the bookstore.

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24 Apr

Working With Self-Published Authors

In response to the growing number of self-published authors seeking shelf space at indie bookstores, savvy booksellers are establishing programs that clearly define their requirements and streamline the consignment process.

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12 Apr

Tech Talk: Keeping Your Website Up to Date

Christine Onorati of WORD and Kelly Justice of Fountain Bookstore offer tips to increase online sales and to ensure your customers know that your website is always open for business.

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29 Mar

Ideas on Display

Several booksellers recently reconsidered the art of the display.  Their efforts include a new take on the monochromatic, inspired by Christopher Moore; a twist on family reading time; and a new location for overlooked picture books.

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28 Mar

Timesaver: Instant Content for E-Newsletters

E-newsletters still get top ranking for being an in-depth, tailored format to communicate with customers about store news, but they can be a time sink. Here are few quick tips for adding readymade content.

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23 Feb

Joseph-Beth’s Facebook Ads Cast a Broad Net

Joseph-Beth Booksellers, which has four locations in Kentucky and Ohio, has turned to paid advertising on Facebook as a way to promote its many events to a wide range of people with similar interests.

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20 Oct

Promoting E-Book Sales: One Bookseller’s Strategies

Matt Norcross, the co-owner of Petoskey, Michigan’s McLean & Eakin Booksellers, recently talked to Bookselling This Week about his store’s strategies for e-book and online sales promotions — some successful, and others that needed a little tweaking.

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29 Sep

Ignatius Reilly in the House; Or, Bookstore Game Night

Whether you’re playing Chickyboom, Scrabble, or Jishaku, or holding a literary trivia contest, bookstore game nights can draw regulars and boost sales.

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22 Sep

Farley’s Bookshop Goes Big With Small Presses

A consignment arrangement with small presses has enabled Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope, Pennsylvania, to build a deeper inventory selection that has grown customer interest and the store’s bottom line.

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21 Sep

Bookstores Find Ways to Monetize Events

To counter the increasing number of customers who come to events after purchasing the featured book elsewhere, some booksellers are creating alternative ways to ensure a profit.

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24 Aug

15 Reasons Why Bookstore/Library Partnerships Are Beneficial

Naomi McEneely, the events coordinator at Lake Forest Book Store, explains why the bookstore’s partnership with area libraries has been beneficial on every level.

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28 Jul

Buying It: Turning the Scan Into a Sale

Dealing with customers who are obviously browsing the store to buy elsewhere can be tricky. To steer them toward the cash wrap instead of the door, booksellers are engaging customers in conversations and using videos, signage, and fliers with QR codes.

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21 Jul

Responding to the Borders Liquidation: An Action Kit

Here’s an action kit of marketing ideas and strategies that can help spread the word that indie bookstores are alive, well, and very much open for business, both in-store and online.

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21 Dec

Retail Expert Bob Phibbs Offers Insights on Improving Business in 2011

Noted retail expert Bob Phibbs talks about The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business, what not to do during an economic downturn, and his upcoming keynote address at ABA’s Winter Institute.

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28 Oct

As Good as New: Booksellers on Selling Used Books

Selecting titles, buying, pricing, and shelving used books is admittedly a labor-intensive process, but five booksellers who spoke to BTW agreed they’re a valuable part of their business.

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