24 Feb On the Move ...

Here's a look at some exciting new functionalities recently added to, as well as some important customer service news.

New Features: In addition to fixing a few bugs, last week added three new, exciting pieces of functionality:

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22 Feb

Website Marketing Checklist Offers Best Practices

In the classic baseball movie Field of Dreams, the mantra repeated throughout the film is, "If you build it, they will come." Not so with websites.

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08 Dec

Holiday Catalogs Available on

Holiday catalogs developed by the New Atlantic Independent, Pacific Northwest, Southeast, Southern California, and Upper Midwest booksellers associations are now featured on the hub site and are available for upload to participating sites. participants within each region were recently sent instructions about adding a regional holiday catalog to their site and their homepage.

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18 Nov Is Back & Better Than Ever

Last weekend, brought a new production database and server online, and now, with the upgrade complete, it's time for participants and their customers to enjoy the increased speed and stability of bookstores' Web sites.

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11 Nov

A Timely Reminder: Goes Down to Come Up This Weekend sites will experience significant downtime this weekend as a new production database and server are brought online. When completed, the upgrade will result in increased speed and stability for participants' Web sites. Most of the downtime is expected to occur during the first half of Sunday.

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03 Nov

Downtime to Precede Major Upgrade

Over the weekend of November 13, will bring its new production database and servers online. While the result of the upgrade will mean increased speed and stability for participants' Web sites, members should be prepared for significant downtime on Saturday, November 13, and Sunday, November 14.

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28 Oct

Checklist Offers Best Web Site Marketing Practices

The success of a bookstore's Web site is directly dependent on the bookseller's efforts to market it, stressed Len Vlahos, director. "In some ways, a storefront retailer's Web site functions as an extension of the store, and, in other ways, as an additional location," Vlahos said.

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21 Oct

Algonquin Has Special Offer for Co-op Program Participants

Starting November 1, Co-op Reimbursement Program participants will be able to take advantage of a special offer from Algonquin Books. The publisher has created a promotion around Marlena de Blasi's A Thousand Days in Tuscany: A Bittersweet Adventure.

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24 Aug

Vigilance Required to Catch Fraudulent Orders

Perpetrators of fraudulent order schemes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as evidenced by the frequency and variety of scams reported by ABA member bookstores. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule for identifying a fraudulent order, but booksellers are being urged to err on the side of caution.

Among the most easily identifiable scams are orders originating in Nigeria or another African nation for large numbers of medical books, textbooks, technical books, or bibles. A stolen credit card is usually offered as the means of payment.

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14 Jul Warns of New Fraudulent Order Wrinkle

A number of booksellers with Web sites have recently reported a new twist to the problem of fraudulent orders. In addition to orders for large numbers of Bibles and medical texts, booksellers are now seeing fraudulent orders for popular trade titles, sometimes with expedited shipping, and with domestic billing and shipping addresses.

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07 Jul Announces Traffic Reports has begun offering detailed traffic reports on an individual store basis. This service, which was developed in response to booksellers' requests, provides data showing how many visitors come to a bookstore's site, which pages they're visiting, when they're visiting, and much more.

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23 Jun Free Trial Offers 'The Way to Go' is now offering Book Sense marketing program members the chance to launch their own Web site -- free of charge, with no obligation to continue after the free trial ends. The Free Trial Offer, which began June 1 and runs through September 30, 2004, offers booksellers a chance to test this valuable online sales and marketing tool.

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23 Jun

My Life Audio Clip and Chapter Excerpt Available

On Tuesday, June 22, the on-sale date for former President Bill Clinton's My Life (Knopf), announced that it had made available to participants an audio clip and chapter excerpt from the book.

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17 Jun

A Report on ABA's Recent Board and Advisory Council Meetings

On Tuesday, June 1, and Wednesday, June 2, the American Booksellers Association Board of Directors and senior staff met at the Hotel ABA - Chicago (Allerton Crowne Plaza), prior to the start of BookExpo America.

During a busy two days, the Board and staff:

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27 May On the Move ...

Here is the latest news and an update on improvements from

On May 26, sent an important e-mail to members in which it discussed the new inventory upload price reduction, new enhancements, BEA reminders, and fraudulent order vigilance.

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