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ABA encourages IndieCommerce stores to establish their own payment gateway account with


  1. Receive payments from sales on your website daily, rather than twice a month.
  2. More control over your settings (address verification, regions, fraud protection, issuing card countries, etc).
  3. Have your store name reflected on the customer credit card statement, rather than "INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE".
  4. Refund customers directly.
  5. ABA collects 4.5% of all credit card transactions processed through the shared gateway account to cover the cost of charge-backs. IndieCommerce users who establish their own account aren’t subject to that 4.5% fee.


  1. You are signing up for a Payment Gateway account ($25*/mo + a one-time setup fee). Most stores will already have a merchant account. If you do not have such an account, can help you establish one through a partner service. You can obtain the necessary information by asking your Merchant Service Provider for a "Merchant Software Parameter Sheet”.
  2. Confirm that your existing merchant account can be used to process all 4 major credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex and Discover). Sometimes stores can have different merchant accounts for each card type, for in-store credit card processing, however, will accept only 1 merchant account for all card types.
  3. There are two optional additional services: (both of which are free as of early 2015)

    • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite: Although your gateway account comes with a basic fraud protection suite, the ‘Advanced Fraud Detection Suite’ is highly recommended, as it gives you more granular control over the address verification settings and you can also set filters against specific countries or IP addresses.
    • Customer Information Manager: The Customer Information Manager (CIM) securely stores customers' credit card profile on’s secure servers, for future reuse. In particular, it is needed to reauthorize expired authorizations or to edit an existing order if that is higher than the original amount. It’s important to note, if you have been using the shared gateway offered by ABA and are switching to your own, existing CIM profiles saved for your customers cannot be carried over to your new account. This feature must be enabled on your account for it to work with an IndieCommerce website shopping cart.


When you’re ready to sign up for your own account, you may follow the link below to sign up online: or if you prefer to walk through the process over the phone, has an excellent support team that can be reached toll-free at 866-437-0476.


At least one week before you plan to switch to your new account, please email us at or call 800-637-0037 (option 2) to schedule a date for the switch. We’ll confirm that the steps below are clear to you and help you complete them if necessary.

  1. Set up your new account at This must be completed in advance. Once you have your new account, you will receive an email from to activate your account. Please activate your account before proceeding.
  2. Contact ABA to schedule a day to make the switch.
  3. Configure the Fraud Detection Suite filters for your account. If you would like to know our recommended settings, please scroll to the end of this page and open the attached pdf. You may also contact us to schedule a walk-through of them.
  4. Contact to help you place a test transaction to confirm that the processor information is correct.
  5. All pending credit card orders on your site must either be completed or canceled, as these authorizations cannot be imported into your new account.  Please take the following actions:

    • Disable wholesaler fulfillment temporarily to make sure no new orders are sent to Ingram for fulfillment, by disabling the option on this page ..Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Preferences. After an order is sent to Ingram for fulfillment, it usually takes 3-4 days for us to get an invoice from Ingram and complete the order. So, this should be done at least a week before the switch.
    • Disable Credit card payment method by deselecting ‘Credit Card’: Store > Configuration > Payment Methods. Your staff should take care of existing credit card orders. For this period of time, customers will not be able to use a credit card as a payment method. If so inclined, you may post a notice on your front page letting customers know.
  6. On the day you have scheduled your switch, we will confirm that all existing credit card orders have been taken care of; We will then change the settings on the payment gateway module to use your account information. For this, we will need the 'API Login Id' and the 'Transaction Key' for your gateway account, and we will let you know when we are ready for this information.  You can find this information through the merchant interface for; This is confidential information, so please do not email them before checking with us. Once you are setup with your own account, you should enable the credit card payment method and wholesaler fulfillment (if applicable).
  7. Place a test order:

    1. Place a real order with a real credit card.
    2. View the order (Store > Orders > View Orders, then select specific order), in the order comments, you should see a 'Transaction Id' under the authorization information.
    3. Login to your merchant interface, search for this authorization using the 'Transaction Id' from the above step or the ‘Bill to’ customer name. The status should be 'Authorized, pending capture'.
    4. Go back to the order page (on your website) and mark the order as 'Payment Received' - This step will charge the credit card.
    5. Again, check the status using merchant interface.  The status should now be 'Captured, pending settlement'.  The status will change to 'settled successfully' in a couple of hours, or by the end of the day.
    6. When that has happened, everything is working fine with your account.  If you do not want the charge on the credit card to be permanent, go to the order page on your site, and cancel the order. This will do a 'credit' transaction on your credit card.  You can now go back to merchant interface and verify that the authorization has been 'refunded'.
    7. Lastly, after one day, if there have been online credit card purchases made, you should verify that funds are being transferred to your bank account.

If at any point before, during or after setup you have a question please let us know.

*This price is subject to change without notice, however, the current price will be provided during signup.


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