ABA Announces First Children's Indie Next List

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The first Children's Indie Next List is now available for preview. The new list showcases not only a wide range of exemplary titles for young readers, as chosen by indie booksellers, but also a new, redesigned format.

"In keeping with the vibrant, fresh spirit of IndieBound, the children's list features a bright, engaging redesign that highlights colorful, fun illustrations as an accent to the outstanding Indie Next List selections," said Dan Cullen, ABA's senior director of editorial content.

The list was developed with the input of indie booksellers nationwide, and it features their selections of notable titles for young children and teens, both the top-10 titles and an additional 50 titles in age-appropriate categories, ranging from ages four through eight to titles for teen readers.

The Fall Children's Indie Next List will be arriving in stores soon in the quarterly Children's White Box.

Additional copies of the list may be requested via e-mail to lindaf@bookweb.org.