ABA Seeks Winter Institute Bookseller Panelists and Moderators

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ABA Education Manager Lisa Winn is looking for booksellers who are already attending this year’s Winter Institute in Albuquerque to serve as panelists for two panels or moderators for two Idea Exchanges at this year’s event. The 2019 Winter Institute will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from January 22–25, 2019. See this year’s program here.

Wi14 logoPanelists are sought for:

  • Managing a Multi-Location Business on Friday, January 25: Booksellers who have been through the experience of owning multiple store locations will share tips and provide insight on how to know if opening a second store is the correct decision for you, and if so, how to navigate the process. Candidates from smaller stores are preferred.
  • Thriving as a New Bookstore Owner on Friday, January 25: Bookseller panelists will look back over those first critical years in business and share tips for making it through the next five. Fairly new bookstore owners are sought for this panel; participants do not need to be brand new but should have a strong sense of their first year’s experience.

Moderators are sought for:

  • Idea Exchange: Tech Tools to Manage Programs and Communicate With Staff on Thursday, January 24: This session will teach booksellers new ways to use technology to manage projects and communicate with staff in a way that will have a positive impact on their business. ABA is looking for one bookseller to serve as a moderator for this panel. Candidates should regularly use different kinds of technology to good business effect.
  • Idea Exchange: Marketing to Genre Readers on Friday, January 25: This session will provide an opportunity for booksellers to discuss marketing, merchandising, and events for readers of genres like mystery, romance, science fiction, and more. Panelists will discuss the different ways they have made their bookstores venues for genre readers to connect with new titles and one another. The moderator for this session does not have to own a business but should be a bookseller with a genre specialty.

Booksellers who are interested in participating in any of these panels or who want to be a moderator of either Idea Exchange are encouraged to contact Winn via e-mail.