ABFE Grateful for Support From Publishers Weekly, Authors, Illustrators

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In the wake of the terrorist attack on the offices of France’s Charlie Hebdo, Publishers Weekly created a special Tribute to Freedom of Expression section in its January 19, 2015, issue. Members of the publishing community supported the magazine’s “Je Suis Charlie” efforts by agreeing to make contributions to five organizations that are at the forefront of free speech efforts, including the American Booksellers for Free Expression (ABFE).

At Winter Institute 10, Publishers Weekly presented ABFE with a check for $13,600, a portion of the more than $40,000 raised.

“Booksellers are enormously grateful to Publishers Weekly for its leadership following the attack on Charlie Hebdo,” said ABFE Director Chris Finan. “The tribute section allowed the entire publishing community to express its strong support for free speech, and the money it raised will help make it possible for the American Booksellers for Free Expression and other free speech groups to continue their work."

Other beneficiaries of PW’s efforts were:

  • International Federation of Library Associations
  • International Publishers Association
  • National Coalition Against Censorship
  • PEN International

ABFE also benefitted from the generosity of illustrators who donated works of art and authors who signed five Winter Institute posters that were auctioned off during Wi10’s Wednesday night Author Reception.

The poster was signed by the following 98 authors, who took part in the reception or who were featured speakers at a Wi10 plenary session.

Lauren Acampora
Chantel Acevedo
Naja Marie Aidt
Elizabeth Alexander
Terry Alford
David Arnold
Victoria Aveyard
Calvin Baker
Samuél L. Barrantes
Ann Bauer
John Benditt
Wendell Berry
Gwenda Bond
T. C. Boyle
Max Brallier
Nick Bruel
Alex Brunkhorst
Michael Buckley
Anne Bustard
Graeme Cameron
Chris Cander
Jared Chapman
Melissa Cistaro
Bill Clegg
Maureen Corrigan
Jennifer Pharr Davis
Margaret Lazarus Dean
Rebecca Dinerstein
Carson Ellis
Mark Essig
Dan Gemeinhart
Chris Giarrusso
Kelly Loy Gilbert
Catherine Gildiner
Kevin Gillespie
Marianne Gingher
Paul Glastris
Daniel Goldberg
Marcia Goldman
Eli Gottlieb
Chris Grabenstein
John Green
N. Griffin
Garth Risk Hallberg
Jenny Han
Jacky Colliss Harvey
Maria Dahvana Headley
Eleanor Herman
Mary-Beth Hughes
T. Geronimo Johnson
Charles Kaiser
Susanna Kearsley
Jamie Kornegay
Ellie Krieger
Erik Larson
Reif Larsen
Linus Larsson
Déborah Lévy-Bertherat
Kelly Link
Charlie Lovett
Valeria Luiselli
Sally Mann
Katie McGarry
Sophie McManus
Ellen Meeropol
Jakob Melander
Joe Minicozzi
Judith Claire Mitchell
Azar Nafisi
Mary Norris
Stewart O’Nan
Aline Ohanesian
Leslie Parry
Heidi Pitlor
Raziel Reid
John Renehan
Joe Rhatigan
Ashley Rickards
Geoff Rodkey
Pam Muñoz Ryan
Ted Sanders
Shya Scanlon
Rebecca Scherm
Gillian Zoe Segal
Bradley Somer
Tamara Ireland Stone
Nova Ren Suma
Sabaa Tahir
Joni Tevis
Lynne Truss
David Usher
Sarai Walker
Tommy Wallach
Holman Wang
Ian Weir
Kamy Wicoff
Tom Yorton
Devora Zack