Affinity Partner Offers New Label Designs, New Payment Options

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American Booksellers Association affinity partner AAA Label has announced that its newly expanded facilities now allows it to offer ABA members a wider range of low-tack book stickers in simple black-and-white designs. In addition, AAA Label has begun accepting payment via Visa or MasterCard. The company also notes that booksellers can save up to 80 percent off custom-sticker rolls.

AAA Label's most popular designs include "Staff Pick," "Autographed Copy," and "Local Author." Booksellers can preview these and other designs through a downloadable order form (PDF format) on ABA's trade website, Questions may also be addressed to AAA Label's Laura Moore at

Book Sense Picks and Book Sense Bestseller stickers are available directly from ABA at $5 for a roll of 500 by calling (800) 637-0037, ext. 6636 or 6635. A downloadable order form for Book Sense stickers and other ABA/Book Sense merchandise is available on the Products & Services page of BookWeb.