Average Sales on IndieCommerce Sites Up 31 Percent in November

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Sales data collected by Google Analytics for November 2017 showed that aggregate online sales for IndieCommerce sites were up 31 percent compared to the same period in 2016.

IndieCommerce sites also experienced dramatic increases in the average conversion rate, which increased by more than 22 percent over November 2016. The average value of an online order placed during this period also increased from $46 to $49.09.

The Google data also indicates that there was substantial growth in the online sale of signed books and prepaid tickets for store-sponsored events.

Booksellers can visit IndieCommerce.org to learn more about IndieCommerce and IndieLite, the American Booksellers Association’s e-commerce platforms for independent bookstores.

Graph showing IndieCommerce sales spike for November 2017 over November 2016