Catch Up on IndieCommerce Webinars Now

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IndieCommerce members can visit the IndieCommerce Webinar Center and the IndieLite Webinar Center at any time to catch up on webinars held as part of the 2018 IndieCommerce webinar series.

The 2018 IndieCommerce webinar series began in March. Since then, monthly webinars have been held on topics such as mobile-optimized and responsive websites, bulk upload of custom products, Google Analytics for e-commerce, and more.

The July IndieCommerce webinar is canceled; webinars will resume on August 2 with a webinar on book data, which will look at how to set and control the prices for books on IndieCommerce sites, control which books can be purchased through your site, customize the availability messaging for customers, and more. Watch next week’s issue of BTW for details on how to register.