IndieCommerce to Change Sender Address on Transactional E-Mails

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The IndieCommunication newsletter for July 12 detailed the positive results of the IndieCommerce team’s ongoing battle against spambot interference with e-mails. Here, the IndieCommerce team provides an update on the issue.

IndieCommerce logoOver the past month, IndieCommerce has essentially stopped e-mail spam that was being generated by spambots using forms on IndieCommerce and IndieLite sites. The result of this campaign has made Internet service providers happier about delivering transactional e-mails and e-mails generated by forms at IndieCommerce and IndieLite sites, such as order confirmations, user registration confirmations, question forms, etc.

The next phase of helping Internet service providers become even happier about delivering e-mails generated by IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores is to provide them with a single “From” e-mail address. This is the e-mail address that appears in the “From” field in a customer’s inbox. The new “From” address for IndieCommerce sites will be

This new address identifies all e-mails generated by IndieCommerce sites as having come from a single trusted e-mail source that filters out e-mail from spambots and other untrusted e-mail sources. The “” type of address is a standard name for the “From” address used in transactional e-mails. IndieCommerce does not foresee any significant pushback or questions from bookstore customers regarding this change, but stores should be aware of it.

IndieLite sites already use this type of “From” address for transactional e-mails, so they will see no change.

This change to IndieCommerce sites will go into effect on July 31. Questions about this or any other matters regarding IndieCommerce can be sent to