IndieCommerce: Is Google Happy With Your Website?

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From the September 22 edition of IndieCommunication....

Being Mobile-Friendly for Google

In the month of September, 41.55 percent of traffic to IndieCommerce websites came from either a mobile device or a tablet. That’s a good chunk of traffic  so it is important that your IndieCommerce site:

a) Uses a responsive, mobile-friendly Drupal theme, and

b) The ​responsive theme does not do anything that will negatively impact your Google search results.

Recently, the IndieCommerce team has been advocating the inclusion of e-mail pop-ups or interstitials on store websites as an effective way to dramatically increase the number of new e-mail subscribers to your mailing list. However, Google just announced that beginning January 10, 2017, it will penalize mobile sites where a pop-up obscures the page. To counter this, IndieCommerce is now advising that stores use a “bar” to accommodate mobile users, instead of pop-ups.

image shows bard versus pop-up


On the left is an example of the bar and on the right is the pop-up. You can see that the bar allows the majority of the webpage to remain visible.

Your e-mail service provider can help with instructions on how to enable your mobile website with a bar. IndieCommerce has created this page to assist MailChimp users and this page for Constant Contact users. Stores with questions or that need assistance should e-mail

IndieCommerce Attending PNBA and Heartland Fall Regional Shows

The IndieCommerce team is scheduling one-on-one sessions at regional shows this fall. Current IndieCommerce members as well as stores that are interested in learning more about joining IndieCommerce are invited to sign up online.

At the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Trade Show in Tacoma, Washington, IndieCommerce one-on-one appointments are being held on Friday, September 30, and Saturday, October 1, 2016. All will be in the Economic Development Boardroom. Register for an appointment now; walk-ins are also welcome.

At the Heartland Fall Forum (MIBA & GLIBA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one-on-one sessions are being held on Thursday, October 6, and Friday, October 7, 2016. All sessions will be held at Booth #206 on the trade show floor.  Register for an appointment now; walk-ins are also welcome.

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