IndieCommerce: New Content for 2016 Training Webinars

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The IndieCommunication newsletter of February 3 provides an update on changes to the IndieCommerce webinar schedule and topics, based on the results of a recent survey of IndieCommerce stores.

New Content/Day for IndieCommerce Webinars

The IndieCommerce team will be implementing three improvements based on survey results:

  • Many good suggestions for webinar topics were submitted via the survey and they will be worked into the schedule over the coming months.
  • The webinars will be now be held on Tuesday afternoons, Eastern Time (exact time TBD), and repeated on Thursday mornings, Eastern Time (exact time TBD).
  • Webinars on specific topics will now be rotated with open Q&A webinars. For example, one week the webinar will focus on order fulfillment during both the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions; the following week the webinars will be open for Q&As. This will give booksellers time to take in what was discussed, refer to the webinar recording and documents, and come back with questions. Stores can also ask questions on any topic during these open sessions, or e-mail the IndieCommerce team at any time.

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All webinar information — dates, topics, and sign-up links — will be posted at Check back weekly to stay informed.

Report From Winter Institute

It was great to see so many IndieCommerce participants in Denver last week. The IndieCommerce team met with a total of 57 different stores over three days. Many booksellers offered suggestions for new features, which will be added to the development plans for this year.

Five new stores joined the program following the “Introduction to IndieCommerce” session at Wi11.

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