IndieCommunication: Following Up on Winter Institute

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Here’s the IndieCommunication e-newsletter for Friday, February 1:

IndieCommerce Specialist Scott Nafz with a smiling bookseller at the IndieCommerce InstituteDid You Attend the IndieCommerce Institute?
If you attended the IndieCommerce Institute (ICI) at Wi14, your sample site will remain available to you until the end of March. We encourage you to use it to test new ideas. If you run into any difficulties or have any questions about your test site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to provide any specific feedback about ICI (beyond what you may have submitted through the evaluation in the Wi14 app), please forward your comments and suggestions to IndieCommerce Senior Manager Geetha Nathan. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dollar bills flying through the airPending Kobo Payments
Kobo revenue share payments were delayed due to Winter Institute and the holiday shopping season. Pending payments will be processed this week in three-month blocks. Stores should see the funds credited to their bank accounts in the next couple of weeks.

Your One-on-One Session at Wi14
We had the opportunity to meet with 73 ABA member stores last week during the IndieCommerce one-on-one sessions at Wi14. We want to thank all of the stores that stopped by to meet with us, and offer our sincerest apologies to those stores we could not fit into our meeting schedule. If you were one of those stores that did not get to meet with us, we will reach out to you via e-mail over the next week. If you have questions regarding your one-on-one meeting, please e-mail

Pre-Order NowPre-order and IndieCommerce Panel Discussions
If you attended either the pre-order panel discussion or the IndieCommerce panel discussion at Wi14 and have additional questions, please e-mail us at

Booksellers are encouraged to send their thoughts, questions, or suggestions via e-mail to IndieCommerce staff at any time.

Past editions of IndieCommunication are available on the IndieCommerce Updates page on