June 30 Deadline for ABC Best Books Title Recommendations

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ABC catalog cover art from the book WindowsBooksellers at all ABA member stores have until Friday, June 30, to submit title recommendations for the 2017 ABC Best Books for Young Readers Catalog via an online form on BookWeb.org or through Edelweiss.

Frontlist titles published from January through October 2017 are sought to fill the catalog with books that children’s booksellers are proud to recommend to shoppers of all ages. Holiday titles will not be included so stores can use the catalog year-round. In late summer, there will be time to add last-minute title discoveries to the catalog.

The 2017 catalog cover will feature art from Windows, written by Julia Denos and illustrated by E.B. Goodale, to be published by Candlewick Press this October. 

The catalog is scheduled to land in stores in early October. A catalog order form will be available to ABA member stores later this summer. All members of the ABC Children’s Group at ABA will automatically receive 250 catalogs with no imprinting.

Questions about the ABC Best Books for Young Readers Catalog should be addressed to ABC Children’s Group Manager Gen de Botton.