New and Not-So-New (But Handy!) Features on and BTW

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Here's a look at a new feature on the Bookselling This Week homepage, as well as a reminder about some BTW and features that you may not know about.

In response to member suggestions, a new link has been added to the Bookselling This Week Web site, On the left, you will find a new blue button, "Contact Us." By clicking that link, you will navigate to a page where you will be offered key contact information, such as where to e-mail general questions, comments, or suggestions; a Web form or e-mail address for sending a Letter to the Editor; and e-mail addresses for advertising rates and placing classifieds. To view this page, click here.

Additionally, below the blue buttons on the left-hand side of the BTW page, you will find a white box labeled "Printing Options." Click this and you will navigate to a page that offers a plethora of options for printing the current issue of BTW and six recent past issues. For example, you may print the full issue or "Create Your Own BTW," where you can pick and choose the stories you wish to print. Once you do this, you can create a PDF at the click of the mouse, and print out your issue. Moreover, look for these same options in your weekly BTW e-mails, sent every Thursday afternoon. (If you do not have a subscription to BTW, click here.

As we all know, peer-to-peer contact is extremely important to booksellers. For that reason, includes a number of forums so that booksellers can "talk" with each other online. If you go to the ABA Web site homepage,, on the left-hand side, click on "Idea Exchange." This is a "bulletin board" area for booksellers only. ABA encourages you to take advantage of the Booksellers General Forum to network with your bookseller colleagues or use the Ask ABA forum to refer questions and comments to ABA Board members or staff. The Ask Forum provides an opportunity to find out how your fellow booksellers are using the e-commerce site and address questions to customer service staff. The Inventory Control Systems Forum provides an opportunity to learn and share thoughts about available systems. -- David Grogan