New Forums May Be the Answer to Your Questions

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ABA is encouraging booksellers to check out the new forum software on the Idea Exchange section of Launched just last week, the new Idea Exchange was developed in response to booksellers' requests for more user-friendly forums, which provide flexibility and where booksellers can prioritize and search for topics of interest.

Access to the forums is open to all ABA bookstore and provisional members and provides them with a valuable professional development tool. (Booksellers who do not already have a BookWeb Account will need to create one.) The Idea Exchange is a vital, virtual community where booksellers can go to exchange thoughts, ideas, and opinions with their peers on any number of subjects. In addition, questions can be directed to the ABA Board and staff on the Ask ABA forum, and staff moderate the forum.

The way in which ABA members access the forums remains unchanged: The "Idea Exchange" link on the left-hand menu bar on the BookWeb homepage will bring booksellers to the new forums page, and booksellers who have bookmarked the forums will find that their links still work. The Idea Exchange is located on the Web at For a previous article on the new forums, click here.

Booksellers with questions regarding the new forums are urged to post their questions in the "Ask ABA" forum or e-mail