Idea Exchange This Week [3]

Every week dozens of booksellers seek and share advice and information about bookselling and the book industry on BookWeb's Idea Exchange Forums [4]. Here, BTW presents a look at some of this week's topics -- with the hope that more booksellers will join in.

In the Bookseller-to-Bookseller Forum this week, new threads were started about a "bookstore shake out" occurring in Illinois; e-mail list management software; promotion of a first-novel; children's classics series, and more.

On "Ask ABA," a bookseller has posted a question regarding the new Harry Potter book.

On "Ask," there's concern over Google's AutoLink and a question about packaging supplies.

In the Inventory Control Forum, a bookseller is waiting for input from her colleagues about programs for online inventory display for a website.

The Idea Exchange Forums are open to ABA bookstore and provisional members only. (Booksellers who do not already have a BookWeb Account will need to create one [5].) The greater the number of booksellers participating in the forums, the more useful they become as an educational tool for the whole independent bookselling community.